Sabzi Khordan ~ Traditional Herb Side Dish

Traditional Persian Herb Dish

Traditional Persian Herb Dish

My parents and my brother and his family are in town for the week and whenever they are in town the entire clan gets together every night for dinner and general hanging out. Our family unit is about 30 people which is pretty amazing. So last night we were at Khaleh Parisa’s house and she made and amazing dinner …Bagali Polo (Fava bean Rice)…Zereshk Polo (Barberry Rice)…Chicken Stroganoff….Salad…(I’ll get to these recipes at some point I promise!)

Tonight though, I’m choosing to highlight a side dish that she had that most Persians have on the table to accompany their meal. It’s called Sabzi Khordan which is variety of herbs I’m presuming is abundant in Iran. Our food is pretty heavy duty so having this on the side I thinks makes us feel less guilty about all the Polo (rice) we eat! 


Traditional Persian Herb Dish Top View

Traditional Persian Herb Dish Top View


These are the herbs, veg, nuts and cheese typically included: 

Geeshneez ~ Cilantro

Torobcheh ~ Radish

Jafarey ~ Parsley

Rayhan ~ Basil

Tarkhun ~ Tarragon

Piazcheh ~ Scallions

You can also add the following which is not pictured above: 

Paneer Irooni ~ Feta

Gerdu ~ Soaked Walnuts

Badam ~ Soaked Almonds

Gather all these elements and make sure you rinse and dry them. If you’re having a dinner party and you’re prepping a bit early you can lay it out but take a paper towel and make it a bit damp with water and put that over the dish to help keep all the herbs stay nice and fresh and moist. 

Noosh e Jan! 


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