Chai Irooni – Persian Tea

Chai Irooni or Persian tea is staple in all Persian households. The Bergamot fragrance is enchanting. Most Persian will have tea brewing on their stoves all day long. We drink it morning, noon and night in beautiful sometimes ornate tea cups with such accompaniments like sugar cubes, dates, raisins, Persian pastries…It’s a beautiful ritual!

To make a great pot of tea the secret is to use a double decker pot! 

To make 6 cups

1. Add 2 tsps of Persian tea leaves in the smaller top pot

2. Boil water in the larger bottom pot add to the top pot with the tea leaves

3. Boil water in the bottom pot again and place the filled top pot with the tea on top of the pot with the boiled water. Leave the tea to brew for about 15 minutes. 

4. To serve the tea, add 1/4 of the tea to the cup and fill the rest with boiling water

My dad’s tip: If your water is hard try using filtered / purified water for better clarity and taste

Noosh e Jan!

Chai Irooni

Chai Irooni


Chai Irooni

Chai Irooni

Chai Irooni

Chai Irooni

Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves


Two decker tea pot

Two decker tea pot


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2 Responses to “Chai Irooni – Persian Tea”

  1. sol Says:

    love the pictures of the leevans. vakht e sho har et sho deh.

  2. Ray Says:


    my in-laws are all Persians from Iran. I make tea in a French Press for them like this:

    2g of loose leaf tea per 5 oz. of water.
    measure the tea on an accurate scale. Boil the proper amount of water. Once the water has just settled down from the boil, pour it into the press with the leaves. Experiment with times of extraction ( tea and water together before the press ) of 2.5 to 3.5 minutes.
    Sorry, but my method makes much better tea than this double-decker method. All of my older and younger persian relatives (born and bred in Iran) agree. They RAVE about my tea. ANY tea gets bitter with over 5 minutes of extraction. That is the problem with this “traditional” method outlined in this article. They let the concentrated mixture of water and tea sit soooo long in the pot on the top that it gets acrid and bitter. Cutting it with the hot water in the lower pot, obviously helps, of course but it is still not too great.

    My suspicion is that the original method of making tea had holes or a sort of screen in the top pot and the steam from the lower pot steamed the leaves before they were added to the hot water directly. My family thinks that their method “steams the leaves”, but the leaves are bone dry and cold, only the outside of the pot is steamed. The original tea aparatus that the picture above is modeled after was a gift from a Russian Czar to a Persian Shah, if my research was correct. I bet that it had holes in both pots…

    Anyway, my way with the press has the nod of approval from tens of real Persians that have RAVE about my tea. People that don’t know me know my tea. It’s funny because I just make it in a French Press exactly how you would make coffee in a press. Try it!

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