The Delinquent Cook…

It’s been about a week that I haven’t posted a recipe. I feel stressed out and guilty that my 4 loyal followers are going to be disappointed when they get to the site and they still see the White Rice recipe. I also feel guilty because I ate out a lot this week. It’s funny because Mimi Jan (my grandmother) hates eating out. She’s super fussy about it and always has these awful stories about hair in her food, uncooked meat and dirty salads. While I think about it that’s where my mom must get it too. But then again why eat out when you’re such an amazing cook…?

Meanwhile, since I’m not such an awesome cook yet I had to eat. So last night Yalda and I frequented Columbia Firehouse Restaurant on 109 St. Asaph St. in Old Town, Alexandria. The food was great, the vibe and decor inside was cool but the amazing weather took us outside to it’s romantic little outdoor garden patio. We felt like we were in Greenwich Village it was nice. We were not so adventurous. Yalda had a burger and I had a mushroom sandwich – yes boring but tasty. 

Again, this evening with this amazing weather, I met up with my hubby in Old Town again and we took a stroll along the waterfront and then found a very good Thai restaurant on 6 King St. near the water. Not sure why in the last 9 months of living here I had not seen Mai Thai but luckily tonight I did. The food was really great though don’t ask me what the name of the noodle dish I had was I can’t remember. We sat outside but the inside looked pretty trendy and might be a nice hang out there in the evening. Don’t be scared off by the annoying music they have on their website by the way.

So maybe I should just blame my delinquency on this spurt of good weather. Persian food definitely lends itself more to the colder months in my opinion. I know that in the coming weeks I’m going to be cooking up a feast and trying out more new recipes so please keep checking in from time to time…it’ll be worth it I promise!


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