Welcome to Mimi’s Kitchen!


Kat and Mimi Jan

Kat and Mimi Jan

In Mimi’s Kitchen we will learn how to cook Persian food from my beloved grandmother Mimi Jan and at times her daughters. Mimi Jan has taught her 5 beautiful daughters Taraneh, Hengameh, Naghme, Parisa and Fariba not just how to cook but how to nourish their families which have enlivened our souls.

My name is Kat and as a new bride and a girl that can make ‘eating out’ my profession, I’m eager and ready to learn the secret recipes that will one day nourish my family.  Persian cooking is by no means simple or easy. It takes creativity, patience and a lot of love to make the perfect dish. If you want to learn how to make some of the most tasty food on the planet stick with me as I embark on my journey into Mimi’s Kitchen.

Noosh e Jan!


4 Responses to “Welcome to Mimi’s Kitchen!”

  1. Simone Drake Says:

    Hi Kat… how have you been? Once I told you about an Iranian ex-boyfriend of mine … we got talking about Persian cuisine in Brazil …and you gave me the best recipe for Persian rice? Remember that? Anyway … do you think you could post that recipe for us …please? Kisses …Simone

  2. Todd Russell Says:

    Hi Kat, we met once or twice during Sean and Elle’s wedding.
    I love this site. I will definitely be trying some of these. The Polo Sefeed with Persian style white rice will be my first adventure.

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