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Don’t make me gurggle please!

August 19, 2009

Mimi’s remedy for a sore throat ~ Galoo-dard

I stayed home today to rest and to try to get over this soar throat. My remedy for getting better tends to consist of rest and orange juice. My husband on the other hand takes illness very seriously and likes to chalk me full of meds and vitamin c tablets. Mimi Jan on the other side always recommends the same prescription…

1. Mix warm water with salt and gurggle away – YUCK! 

To be honest I haven’t gurggled today…I have to be on my death bed to gurggle. I just can’t do it even though I know it works like  a dream. If you’re brave enough or in enough pain you should try it.  


Dreaded but magical salt
Dreaded but magical salt


2. Soupeh Jo ~ Mimi’s famous barley soup – YUM!

STUFF: Onions, Pack of Barley, Pack of Mushrooms, Carrots, Chicken Broth, Salt and Pepper

DIY: Get someone to make this for you ideally since your sick or if you have to do it yourself it’s super simple and takes very little energy. Boil chicken broth with onions and salt. Add a cup of barley and bring to boil. Add carrots, mushroom and pepper and simmer until ready



Barley, chicken and mushroom soup
Barley, chicken and mushroom soup

3. Lemon, honey and hot water – YUM

STUFF: Hot water, whole lemon, 2 generous spoons of the best honey you can find

DIY: Heat up the kettle and mix you hot water with a spoon or two of honey and a generous squeeze of lemon


Healing Honey

Healing Honey