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Taleby ~ An Inventive new way to serve Melon!

August 27, 2009

Last night we were at Khaleh Parisa’s for dinner and the creative goddess that she is served us a really beautiful and inventive Melon dessert. It was spectacular to look at and we all stared at it for a while trying to figure out how she got the Jello to that! Yes that really is Jello on top of the melon! 




So here’s the secret…I feel guilty giving it away but I’m sure you would have figured it out eventually. She took the whole rounded melon and cut a small part of the top off so she could get in there and scoop out the seeds. Once she emptied out the seeds she peeled the skin and added the Jello mix and filled it to the top. To set the Jello she put the melon back in the fridge and once it was ready she cut it into 4 pieces. 

Remember it’s all in the presentation so add strawberries, blueberries around the plate for added flavor and variety and you’re done! Nice one Khaleh Parisa! : ) 

Noosh e Jan!